A Women's Money Mindset Empowerment Leader, dedicated to helping you live as your Highest Abundant Self.

My Story

 I have so much to share about my journey!!

 It's best that I begin with a defining moment in my life- that brought me to where I am today - working with women like you  on exactly what to do to go from Worried to Wealthy with Grace and Ease by taking simple steps and having a mindset reset to embrace Fierce Financial Freedom.

The defining moment happened in my life in October 2012.

I was in a really painful  (a.k.a sucky) place in my life. I was scared about my future and knew that I had to do something. I was an actress who was busy with auditions and many survival jobs-restaurants, marketing companies, role playing, drama teacher to name a few. 

As an Empath, I was feeling exhausted, disappointed and angry at this point in my life. To top all this off- I had also just ended a long term relationship. 

So, I quickly out of FEAR decided to go back to school to attend Teachers College. While I learned a lot about teaching and I even excelled at teaching-- something was wrong--why was I still exhausted, frustrated and angry.

Well, this felt like being in prison to me...I felt like I was suffocating. 

So,  a friend mentioned a life coach to me...and I thought   why not?

I had worked with coaches/mentors and worked as an assistant to a coach.

When I met this coach...within twenty minutes he said " cut the bullshit".

I didn't get what he meant .....he explained that I wasn't doing what  I wanted to do ---so what is it that you want??

Wow! Yes...that was true!!

AND  he also spoke about self love?  What?? this made me MAD-- what is this self love stuff? 

So, I went on a path of inner learning to find this Self Love thing. Challenge Accepted. 

I went on retreats, took courses, read a ton of books and transformed my life. Some of what I did included meditation    (Vipassana) and yoga  (Sivananda Ashram). Next,  I became a coach and a healer. 

BUT, my biggest moment of clarity was at a retreat for female coaches.

We were doing an exercise/game about money.

I burst  into tears before we even started!!!  Some lovely woman nearby me questioned why I was crying. So, between sobs I told her about my lack of money and how exhausted I felt. I also shared that between  having emergencies/injuries (mine or families) that-- this caused me to take more and more time off from work. 

She smiled and said " Abundance is all Around".  

Whoa!!  ABUNDANCE IS ALL AROUND??...YES..it is!!

So, I decided right then and there to really take RESPONSIBILITY for my thoughts and beliefs about money. I dove into the deep end of the pool of learning and healing around wealth. I attended workshops, read books, and spoke with anyone who understood and had attained wealth!!

My second False Belief was about women and wealth. I grew up with 4 brothers and my father. So, my point of reference was very male dominated. My father always pointed to the male as being powerful. When I went to purchase my first car-a blue mustang- my father suggested that I find a boyfriend with a car instead. Then when I spoke to my father about University or Careers he would often say to me -find a husband instead. YIKES!!

Now, I know this was said from a place of love, BUT...

No Wonder I didn't feel Powerful as a Woman. Once, I found these LIMITING BELIEFS -- I decided to take my Power back and change my story!!!

So, I am passionate now about guiding and supporting Women like you who are ready to stand in their Power and Welcome ABUNDANCE into their lives. Women who are ready to take a good look at their life and cut the B.S. 

I went through all of this and began teaching Intelligent, Responsible Women, like you --how they can do the same and I have watched their lives transform with Grace and Ease with Simple Doable Steps and Mindset Resets. 

Easy Peasy!!

Since this time, I have dedicated my life to  help Women who are ready to become the Successful, Powerful Leader they are and to embrace being Abundant and Blissful.

I've worked with private clients and with groups. 

and I have created the Fierce Financial Freedom 90 Day Program.

A 90 Day Signature Program which includes live video calls, exercises, freedom work, and more-- for my Fierce Financial Freedom Women ----and its Fun!!


I am a Women's Empowerment Coach- I help women who work with me  to grow, transform and honour/ respect themselves. My personal journey has been one of healing and growth. I was introduced to coaches and healers early on in my life and began my path of healing and assisting others to heal. My path has also included yoga, meditation/visualization. I have explored many areas of healing from Breath Work, Ecstatic / 5Rhythms Dance, Energy Balancing, Drum Circles and Sound Healing.

I have led workshops on Self Love/ Personal Development, Empath Management, Forgiveness, Boundaries, Dream Big Goals, and Visualization, Meditation. I  facilitate Women’s Empowerment Programs. Upcoming... Retreat.. Home: A Return To You!!


What makes me different from other Wealth Coaches?

Although, we will learn Financial Aspects , you have me as a holistic, spiritual guide and expert and consultant. I work on the Holistic principles of Abundance and I know Abundance is both an inside and outside job. What that means to you is that you get a  (coach, teacher, guide) all in one with me. I'm also (blunt and honest) and I don't pretend and hide it either. My truth will always mean that you achieve the success you desire.  I won't babble away endlessly on one point and stall. My desire is to work effectively and with huge impact  (transformation) For You!! 

I'm committed to your achieving your personal goals and dreams. I'm the real deal. Often my clients say that its like speaking with their wise best friend. I lend my power and wisdom as needed. Think of me as your Personal Cheering Guide. My positivity and passion is so strong- everyone I work with smiles, laughs and absorbs my power and passion.

When your FEAR is up-- I am here to take you through the FEAR and into ACTION.


I am certified as a Reiki/Sekhem Master Teacher (CRA-RMT) . I am also an ITM  (Institute of Traditional Medicine) Certified Holistic Life Coach with further trainings in Seeds Leadership, FDP Leadership and S.L Women’s Empowerment Coaching. I hold a degree in teaching  (B.Ed) and love to assist others in their growth and healing. I am an avid yogi and have made it my mission to practice and share visualization and meditation techniques. My meditation teachings are based in my training of Mindful Meditation, Sivananda and Vipassana Meditation.

My Training

Reiki/Sekhem Master Teacher


Certified Holistic Life Coach

Institute of Traditional Medicine

Context-Based Coaching 

 Origin of Wisdom's

Facilitator Development Program

Meditation Faclitator

Sivananda, Vipassana & Mindfulness


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