What's Your Dream?

Really, Im asking …What is your Dream?

We all have dreams— What’s Yours and Why are you not living the life of your dreams??

Did you know it’s a choice!! Really, I kid you not! It is a choice that you can choose to step towards your dreams or you can choose to go in the opposite direction and completely ignore your dreams.

However, what you ignore will keep coming at you!

When you ignore your life…

You could feel...

- Lost - Exhausted - Overwhelmed - Irritated - Hopeless - Lonely - Not Good Enough -

When you are not living the life of your dreams you may take on the qualities of...

  • People Pleasing
  • Low Self Worth
  • Co-Dependency
  • Outside Approval
  • Lack of Self Esteem

Are you living for you or living for others?

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