Helping women to go from Worried to Wealthy - With Grace And Ease!

My work is devoted to your Abundance Mindset Transformation learning/healing both inside and out!

"YOU being in charge of Your Money....otherwise Your Money will be in Charge of You!!" 

Having a Money Plan!!!!



 I am dedicated to Empowering Women to go from Worried to Wealthy With Grace and Ease. Through Efficient Doable Steps and Mindset Resets.  The choice is yours-- it's your Life. Let's find Your Worth and Your Power!!

What Others Say


My first impression of my session with Kathryn was her energy.  She has a warm tranquil and welcoming  energy. Kathryn was very professional . She is thoughtful and genuine. I felt an immense sense of calmness and confidence after our session together.



Her exercises, visualizations and sharing were very enlightening and were able to get deep into us. The techniques I was taught have brought meaningful results to my day to day life. Now, I feel more empowered than ever before to be successful at work, relationships and selective about my circle of friends.



The self-love teachings have stayed with me and it made my year so amazing. These were all a huge component of my growth!


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