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Living a completely transformed life with so much love, joy and confidence in yourself. You waking up each day with excitement and joy. Attracting loving respectful people into your life. Manifesting abundantly with your high loving vibrations. Feeling loved and lovable each and every day. 

The decision is completely yours. Look into your heart- your answer is there for you. You are at choice to move forward or to stay where you have been for the last few months or years. Only you know what is right for you.This is about investing in you. Investing in your Heart, Mind and Soul.



Breathe, just breathe I often would find myself feeling uncomfortable and awkward in social situations. The truth was that my whole childhood and teen years I was filled with worry coupled with low self worth. 

And if you are anything like me, and I would say since you are here-you most likely are-I did not feel worthy, deserving or lovable- in fact on a scale from 1-10 my worthiness was minus 100. I actually thought that it was okay because everyone feels this way. If I could just hide it -all will be well. Well, I can tell you now that the dis -ease of hiding my truth coupled with hidden emotional hurts and traumas were difficult to keep hidden. The feelings just kept coming up and I would have days where I just felt awful stewing in these exhausting emotions. Yet, I found myself stuck in a repetitive cycle, always ending up feeling unworthy and lacking confidence. Despite my relentless efforts, I couldn’t shake the feeling of being unloved, unlovable, and undeserving. My heart longed for something more, and I remained caught in this emotional whirlwind – UNTIL I EXPERIENCED A BREAKTHROUGH and deeply healed my worthiness, and confidence!!

In my experience I’ve observed that women with big hearts and sensitivity often prioritize taking care of those around them. They hold secret feelings of unworthiness and not being lovable, leading them to believe they must continually give more and love others intensely. This constant cycle of giving eventually results in frustration, confusion, and exhaustion… leaving them all lonely despite the success they’ve accumulated. They continue in this pattern, depleting themselves and sinking deeper into their feelings of unworthiness. Deep down, they yearn to embrace their true selves, recognizing that they are more than enough as women, deserving of love and worthiness. This journey toward self-confidence and self-love is what their hearts and souls truly desire.



I am an International Best Selling Author, Healer, Teacher, Intuitive, Spiritual Coach, Yogi, and Shamanic Practitioner. I have been on my spiritual journey my whole life. I adore animals, nature and Integrity. From a young age I knew “things” and received visions and messages. This is my life’s mission to guide and assist tender hearts back to your heart home of who you truly are so that you no longer play small and hide from the world and yourself.



I am the creator of the The Radiant Rebirth Process. 

Knowing- and meeting Your true self – you are the gift 

Deserving- and worthy –You being more than enough 

Loving- quieting the inner critic with growth of your self love and compassion.


I am certified as a Reiki/Sekhem Master Teacher (CRA-RMT) . I am also an ITM  (Institute of Traditional Medicine) Certified Holistic Life Coach with further trainings in Seeds Leadership, FDP Leadership and S.L Women’s Empowerment Coaching. I hold a degree in teaching  (B.Ed) and love to assist others in their growth and healing. I am an avid yogi and have made it my mission to practice and share visualization and meditation techniques. My meditation teachings are based in my training of Mindful Meditation, Sivananda and Vipassana Meditation.

Reiki/Sekhem Master Teacher


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Certified Holistic Life Coach

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