Kathryn Malek

Empath Soul MasteryAssisting Empaths who struggle with feeling exhausted/drained and taken advantage of–to go from feeling Powerless to feeling Powerful!

Tired of feeling exhausted and having your energy drained? Are you fed up with feeling used by people?


Done with feeling like an emotional puppet for others and dreading your day to day life.

Are You Ready  to trust your intuition, own your sensitivity and feel safe in the world! 

Receive Support in community, with guidance, empath skills & tools, energy exercises, visualizations, meditations, self healing, boundary setting, relationship clearing, energy revitalizing  and more.

Ready to join a Community  of like hearted empaths. To no longer feel alone, lost, or confused.A Community where you will  feel loved, seen and heard.

Empath Soul Power Mastery

 A 90 day program with personalized coaching, guidance and support. Release being energy drained, feeling used and feeling out of control with your energy & emotions. Restore your energy, stand powerfully in the world and be in command & trust of your intuition, energy & emotions.




 I want you to experience loving your life. Feeling free to stand in who you are in the world. Full of energy and with incredible confidence and trust in your intuition , energy and emotions so that when you are solidly connected to your power you transform your relationships, your abundance and your whole life.

What Others Say

My first impression of my session with Kathryn was her energy.  She has a warm tranquil and welcoming  energy. Kathryn was very professional . She is thoughtful and genuine. I felt an immense sense of calmness and confidence after our session together.


Her exercises, visualizations and sharing were very enlightening and were able to get deep into us. The techniques I was taught have brought meaningful results to my day to day life. Now, I feel more empowered than ever before to be successful at work, relationships and selective about my circle of friends.


The self-love teachings have stayed with me and it made my year so amazing. These were all a huge component of my growth!


Imagine Waking Up Each Day- So Excited To Begin Your Day. Full of Confidence in Yourself and Complete Trust in Your Intuition, Energy and Emotions. Feeling the Freedom To Be Who You Are And Have Love and Excitement For Your Life.

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