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You changed my life- Kathryn Malek- Thank you times a Trillion!!!!!

I felt like I was guided to her- like I was supposed to speak to her, Kind of like a fate or destiny thing? I felt a sense of comfort in talking with Kathryn -she has a light around her and I felt that after speaking to her that she had shared that light with me. Kathryn helped me to understand and process what was going on in my life. She made it so easy for me to understand.
The most significant thing was realizing how interconnected everything in my life was. Although I consciously pushed for development and resolution in one aspect of my life (career growth and development), the subject matter that I consistently avoided (romantic relationships) was basically the key to correcting my other imbalances and would eventually enable me to progress to the heights that I truly desire.
Within two weeks of following her actionable steps I am moving into a new and beautiful home and I am enrolled in a recertification program that lends itself to increasing my income significantly through work that I love! Overall, Kathryn Generously leant me a bit of her bottomless strength and wisdom accompanied with actionable steps to see me through to a much needed positively glowing paradigm shift! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kathryn!!
Kathryn..Thank you..Even saying thank you -- I know will never be able to capture my depth of appreciation for you. I showed up with so much fear and anxiety and within a few weeks I was feeling so much calm and confidence. To go through such huge life changes- my friends could not believe how I handled it all and how I carry myself in my day to day life. It truly is incredible --thanks to you for believing in me and for supporting me every step of the way. I will never forget this and you.With Extreme Gratitude
Kristina .D
I feel so much gratitude to write this to you especially as this falls on the anniversary that I met you. I want to thank you for your guidance healing support and love. As you know I have tried and worked with many people.But it was you-you have helped me to heal because I knew I could trust you and I feel safe with you. Thank you for coming into my life and being you. You have so much honesty and integrity.
Lisa. M
I just had to share with you...how incredible my energy healing session was with you. I can honestly say -that I have never slept so deeply since I was a child. I feel calm and so much more myself. I have not been feeling anxious at all-- Which for me, is incredible!! Thank you, so much I mean this from the depths of my heart. You are such a safe and loving soul. I am grateful that I was introduced to you. My friend Barb said that I must meet you..So happy she introduced us.Love
Jennifer. R

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