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See yourself living a completely transformed life with so much love, joy and confidence in yourself. You waking up each day with excitement and joy. Attracting loving respectful people into your life. Manifesting abundantly with your high loving vibrations. Feeling loved and lovable each and every day. Or you can choose to stay exactly at the same place that you are at today. Exhausted and drained- feeling used and blaming yourself for being sensitive instead of being able to embrace your gifts.

The decision is completely yours. Look into your heart- your answer is there for you. You are at choice to move forward or to stay where you have been for the last few months or years. Only you know what is right for you.This is about investing in you. Investing in your Body, Mind and Soul. Three months that will transform your life

My Story

 I want to share how I transformed my Empath Life from a life of exhaustion, low self esteem and fear –to my present life–living with complete freedom 

and trust in my intuition, my energy and my emotions. Standing in my truth and in my power.

 I used to feel  exhausted every day. I felt like I was being used by people. I could not figure out life and why I didn’t feel like I belonged.  I did not know what I was even meant to do with my life. I was spinning out of control with my energy and emotions.  This just made me feel even more lost, confused and alone. My confidence had plummeted and kept sinking lower and lower. I didnt believe that I was worth very much. Plus, the trauma that I encountered as a senstive soul was just way too overwhelming for me. So, I tried to live my life by hiding and by trying to make myself live small and unnoticed.

 But, I had my inner hope and faith that there must be a way to harness my abilites into being my super powers. There was a voice in me that knew that there had to be a better way to live and thankfully there was. I went from feeling Powerless to feeling Powerful by discovering what I was missing. What I was missing was that I had a blindspot.

So, I went on a journey and  I searched and searched. I found the mentors, guides, healers and teachers who could help me to discover what were my blindspots as an empath. This took many many years for me to learn everything  that I know now.  I took Courses, went to Retreats, and  Ashrams. I assisted and trained with healers, teachers, and shamans. So, that I could live Joyfullly as an Empath and I want this for all Empaths. No one has to live with not feeling good enough and feeling powerless anymore.

I’ve helped many Empaths to harness their own power and their own wisdom to uncover their blindspots with simple techniques and knowledge that transforms their lives. So, if you are ready to live ecstatically as an Empath then join my Free 5 day Challenge and walk away with the wisdom to be in complete freedom and  trust of your Intuition, Energy and Emotions. 

If you are called to transform your life….join my…

Empath Soul Power Mastery Program.

We meet weekly online for 12 weeks in a small group size so that you have personalized and individual attention. You will be seen and heard with love.  As well, we will meet for two extra group sessions  per month. 

We meet online for live sessions so that you are guided and supported throughout the program.

We as a group are guided by me personally. In me you have an intuitive healer, coach, teacher and mentor. You will be held accountable to show up and to participate. 

We will focus on your transformation so that you walk through the world  feeling, safe, confident and trusting in your intuition, energy and emotions.

We will be sharing our experiences together as a group. Rapid transformations happen as we learn and grow in community.

I work with private clients and with groups. 

 I have created the Empath Soul Mastery Program.

A 90 Day Signature Program which includes live video calls, exercises, life work, and more- —-and its Fun!!


 I help Empaths who work with me  to grow, transform and to honour/ respect themselves. My personal journey has been one of healing and growth. I was introduced to coaches and healers early on in my life and began my path of healing and assisting others to heal. My path has also included yoga, meditation/visualization. I have explored many areas of healing from Breath Work, Ecstatic / 5Rhythms Dance, Energy Balancing,Soul Retrieval,  Drum Circles and Sound Healing.

I have led workshops on Self Love/ Personal Development, Empath Management,Money Mindset, Abundance, Forgiveness, Boundaries, Relationships, Dream Big Goals, Reiki and Visualization, Meditation.


I will assist you to gain complete confidence and trust in who you are by guiding  you to stand in your power. You will know yourself like never before. You will grow to love your life and your relationships in a whole new way. As you begin living in your truth and in your authentic integrity and power. You will live the life your heart has yearned for and develop such a deep compassion and love for yourself. This love vibration will transform how you show up in the world and how you are received and respected by others. You will live as the Goddess or God that you were  always meant to be.

What makes me different from other Empath Coaches?

Although, we will learn skills and tools, you have me as a holistic coach, spiritual guide, teacher, energy healer. I work on the Holistic principles of  healing and believe that healing is  both an inside and outside job. What that means to you is that you get a  (coach, teacher, healer and guide) all in one with me. I’m also (straight forward and  honest) and I don’t pretend and hide it either. My truth will always mean that you achieve the success you desire.  My desire is to work effectively and with huge impact  (transformation) For You!! 

I’m committed to your achieving your personal goals and dreams. I’m the real deal. Often my clients say that its like speaking with their wise best friend. I lend my power and wisdom as needed. Think of me as your Personal Cheering Guide. My positivity and passion are so strong- everyone I work with smiles, laughs and is inspired by my power and passion.

When your FEAR is up– I am here to take you through the FEAR and into ACTION. I am walking right beside you the whole way.


I am certified as a Reiki/Sekhem Master Teacher (CRA-RMT) . I am also an ITM  (Institute of Traditional Medicine) Certified Holistic Life Coach with further trainings in Seeds Leadership, FDP Leadership and S.L Women’s Empowerment Coaching. I hold a degree in teaching  (B.Ed) and love to assist others in their growth and healing. I am an avid yogi and have made it my mission to practice and share visualization and meditation techniques. My meditation teachings are based in my training of Mindful Meditation, Sivananda and Vipassana Meditation.

My Training

Reiki/Sekhem Master Teacher


Certified Holistic Life Coach

Institute of Traditional Medicine

Context-Based Coaching 

 Origin of Wisdom’s

Facilitator Development Program

Meditation Faclitator

Sivananda, Vipassana & Mindfulness


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