So- You Think You Might Be An Empath?

Welcome Possible Empath!!
Know that this is a question that so many empaths have when they first begin to discover the word empath!

Most likely, you have heard the word and are considering the possibilities that the word could define what you have been feeling.. Please know that this is the pathway of many empaths.

Myself Included.

So, rest assured that you can have this sorted out and breathe in some knowing peaceful energy in no time.

Empaths are those that feel a great depth of empathy for others. They sense and feel deeply and often are known to take on other peoples energy and emotions.

This is of course being done for the most part with out the empath even realizing they are doing this. Because they are such sensitive souls they are often focused wholly on everyone else and what they are feeling.

Now, about you being an empath. There are certain traits and signs of an empath. So here a re a few to consider for yourself.

  • Empaths often feel what others are feeling. But, really feel it. So if your friend is sad – you feel deeply sad.
  • Complete strangers love to speak to you and share their life story. Often they feel surprised, yet they just feel so safe and comfortable with you.
  • Empaths dislike crowds. Especially places like shopping malls. They are too overwhelming for these sensitive souls.
  • Empaths recharge their own energy by being alone or by being in nature. Often known as an introvert.
  • Empaths do not like loud noises

  • Empaths feel the need to help others and often have no boundaries — so saying No is very challenging.
  • Empaths often feel all alone and like an alien – like they do not belong
  • Empaths often feel exhausted/drained after being around people.
  • Empaths feel a connection to children and animals
  • Empaths are intuitive and know when someone is lying.

These are just a few of descriptions of what an empath feels.

Notice if these feel true to how you feel. If this does sound a lot like what you feel-

Welcome – Empath- Know that you are not alone!

Much love,


Kathryn Malek- International best selling author, Sekhem Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Coach, and teacher.

Founder of the Soul Mastery Programs and the Empath Soul Mastery Fb Group.