If you’re FEELING LOST AND FRUSTRATED with no end in sight…

If you constantly worry about money and you  FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE NO CONTROL IN LIFE…

If you find yourself stuck and stagnant yet UNABLE TO MAKE any CHANGE in your life…then it’s time!

Discover How To Free Yourself From what is holding you back from Abundance..gain  Higher Confidence And Embrace Mastery Of Your Life In As Little As 45 Minutes!

Embark On A Journey Connect With Yourself and find the keys to what is blocking you in your life!!

This is a  breakthrough method that combines both coaching and self development healing modalities to uproot what is blocking you from being your most Abundant Self… especially when you have already tried various methods out there that failed to work. Learn how you can start living with confidence financially– with the extra bonus of seeing benefits in all aspects of your life!

Suzanne, knows this first hand. After going through this unique holistic modality, she’s now living without being bogged down by emotional blocks and even noticed improvements in all the other areas of her life.

When I first met Kathryn I was seeking direction as I felt like I was coming out of an Abyss.  My drive was buried under what seemed an insurmountable mountain of fears and as a result my life was suffering. Within two weeks of following her actionable steps – I am moving to a new and beautiful home and I am enrolled in a recertification program that leads itself to increasing my income significantly through work that I love. Overall, Kathryn generously lent me a bit of her bottomless strength and wisdom accompanied by actionable steps to see me through to a much needed positively glowing paradigm shift. Thank You, Thank You , Thank You –Kathryn!!


My name is Kathryn Malek and this is my Fierce Financial Freedom Program.. I’m the Founder of this one-of-a-kind holistic coaching system that has worked for so many women, and I’m here to help you achieve the same: freedom from your emotional blocks and guiding you back onto the path of success and happiness.

The greatest part about this system is that in as little as 45 minutes, you’ll already begin to see life-changing results and move on to the next step towards a new life that’s filled with joy, abundance and blissful happiness.

Just imagine how much this system can drastically improve your life, and even the people around you. And because there are so many people searching for guidance, I’ve a designed a free trial coaching service specifically aimed to empower you to live your best life.

My Fierce Financial Freedom Program is a 3 month 90 day program with one-on-one coaching sessions. This includes Video’s , Exercises, Reflections and coaching  each week! I am also available by email between your sessions for any questions.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what you’ll get to witness:

  • The truth about boundaries as a way of honouring yourself. You may have been saying “YES” more often than you should… which can actually be counter-intuitive to your own well-being!
  • Connecting with your inner emotion – How to come out unscathed even if you’re dealing with challenging times like divorce or Life Altering Changes, and turn it around to regain your sense of self, purpose and confidence!
  • How to find out who you truly are in as quickly as a free 45 minute discovery session. You may not know it, but we all have different core values that inform our decision making process and passions!
  • BONUS Discover how you can leverage your life with being in power wth full confidence.  Create a clear vision for your life and take action. Clarity is key …because if you don’t know how can anyone else know. Embrace your power and watch how your life transforms. Your relationships transforms with you!!

The Fierce Financial Freedom Program has been proven to give our participants more freedom and wellness in life through

  • 1Clarity: Together we discover your beliefs!  All of them!!
  • 2Commitment: This is not about making goals only.. It’s about committing to you ! Transforming your language which in turn transforms you.  Together we create your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly commitments that propel and move  you forward.
  • 3Confidence: We get you to own your Strengths, Your gifts, your talents, your magic, your awesomeness! Let’s brag about you!
  • 4Conscious Competence: Connect to your heart, your truth, your navigator, to design the life of your dreams. Fall deeply in love, honour and respect with you. Have a life where you are up each day excited and each evening fulfilled.
  • 5Self-Love: Fall so in Love with you!!!   
  • 6Dreaming Big:  so many women have lost their ability to dream big!! So I want you to DREAM BIG!
  • 7Love  find the love in your life again!!
  • 8Passion:  excite and ignite your passion! 
  • 9Acceptance: for who you re and where you are at!! Its all positive!!
  • 10Self-Discovery : learn about the hidden things…the beliefs !!

What You’ll Achieve From  The Fierce Financial Freedom Program:

  • Fast and easy-to-learn skills to quickly correct any negative thoughts and beliefs that are stagnating you in life into a positive reinforcement
  • Permanent and astounding results you can see – you’ll wish you had done it sooner!
  • The ability to decipher your own energy blueprint to tap into your inner wealth of health and abundance
  • Amazement from family and friends when they see you completely transform into a new person without any past baggage and have the ability to inspire them.

Ready to start your journey towards Power and Confidence with me? I’d love to welcome all women that desire this Women’s Empowerment Program..so let’s see if this is an aligned  fit. We can speak on this completely free 45 minute discovery session. If we are a match then let’s do this! Im completely honest when I say–so we may not be a match or it may be a not yet…I trust my intuition to only coach those who are ready for this!! I cherry pick who I work with consciously!! 

Note that spots are extremely limited as I have limited spots to focus on the women who are ready! . So, if this is calling you click and sign up for a free 45 minute coaching— FREE, but only for a limited time  so CLICK BELOW to book a spot while it’s still available.

Here’s what some of my participants and clients are saying:

Her exercises, visualizations and sharing was very enlightening to get deep into us. The techniques I was taught have brought meaningful results to my day to day life. Now, I feel more empowered than ever before to be successful at work, relationships and in my circle of friends.


The self-love teachings have stayed with me and it has made my year so amazing. These were all a huge component of my growth!


I think you are incredible at what you do Kathryn, and that you truly have a gift for connecting with others (even remotely! this is impressive). Also, our focus was broad, connecting everything  ..who knew!!! I loved that,  Thank you!!!


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