Kathryn Malek

What Others Say about Kathryn…

I felt like I was guided to her- like I was supposed to speak to her, Kind of like a fate or destiny thing? I felt a sense of comfort in talking with Kathryn -she has a light around her and I felt that after speaking to her that she had shared that light with me. Kathryn helped me to understand and process what was going on in my life. She made it so easy for me to understand. She inspired me to reflect–most people I know do not have that affect on me. I always receive such a positive impact when I speak with Kathryn!!


Within two weeks of following her actionable steps I am moving into a new and beautiful home and I am enrolled in a recertification program that lends itself to increasing my income significantly  through work that I love!  Overall, Kathryn Generously leant me a bit of her bottomless strength and wisdom accompanied with actionable steps to see me through to a much needed positively glowing paradigm shift! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kathryn!!


You changed my life- Kathryn Malek- Thank you times a Trillion!!!!!


The most significant thing was realizing how interconnected everything in my life was. Although I consciously pushed for development and resolution in one aspect of my life (career growth and development), the subject matter that I consistently avoided (romantic relationships) was basically the key to correcting my other imbalances and would eventually enable me to progress to the heights that I truly desire.


I think you are incredible at what you do Kathryn, and that you truly have a gift for connecting with others (even remotely! this is impressive). Also, our focus was broad, connecting everything– who knew?? It was all connected!! I loved that, — with Gratitude!!


Kathryn has a nice pace. There’s not too much information at once, the delivery was well organized with step by step guidance.  She is interactive, upbeat, organized and full of wisdom…she really see’s people-who they are inside and out!


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